ABSI - far beyond system integration


Helpdesk & Dispatching

Since we started our activities more than a decade ago, ABSI has created a helpdesk for our customers. Over the years, we have invested a lot of time and effort in improving and optimizing all processes from call intake to problem solution. On a daily basis we handle a lot of incoming support calls and since 2003 we comply with ITIL standards, making sure that all incidents and change request are handled according to internationally recognized standards.

Every telephone call, email, fax or web based call arrives at dispatching. Here, all of them receive a ticket number, a priority level and are registered in a central system for incident handling after which they are further assigned to the appropriate engineer.

Based on our SLA agreements, the system generates alerts when the required response times are at risk. This allows management to intervene when necessary.

In the video below ABSI Service Level Manager, Bert Van Rossen, outlines our customer support and helpdesk to ensure rapid intervention and adherence to Service level agreements.

Customer Support

ABSI constantly invests in training of our engineers and developers. The fact that we specialize in a fairly limited number of products and technology domains allows us to achieve real in-depth knowledge on our core products and technologies.

During hardware warranty periods, all our hardware support is included unless otherwise indicated. After the warranty period, customers can choose to purchase a maintenance contract or an ABSI-specific EDP contract for services beyond the hardware or operating systems.

Such an EDP contract provides our customers with a predefined number of support hours, follow up by a dedicated engineer, and is to be consumed on a case by case basis. Typically this is used for consultancy and support in very specific domains for which our customers do not wish to invest in in-house knowledge.

Proactive monitoring

ABSI has the knowledge and tools to do remote monitoring on the critical parts of your infrastructure. Our monitoring consoles are configured to automatically react when certain predefined thresholds are exceeded or when hardware of software services become unavailable (for example disks that are getting full, databases that fail, application or web servers that don’t respond etc … ). Our engineers are immediately notified by the monitoring system and they typically have remote access to the infrastructure we monitor, allowing then to try and correct the problem in a very short timeframe if possible.

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